Saturday, January 8, 2011

snail or tortoise? haa

While waiting for zuhur prayer, my heart was called to write here in this blog.
Terganggu skejap jiwa & raga. Hee.
So, just a short entry about my habit. Besides being forgetful, i am also the winner of :-

This is an unplanned habit actually.
I didnt do it purposely lor.
At first, i didnt realize that i am a thousand times slower and late than any of my friends.
Happen during lunch, dinner or supper.
I'l surely grab an award of THE LAST TO FINISH EATING.
I'l be grinning the whole day if i get one. Seriously!
And also, always being late when we are about to go out. 
Knapa la dgn aku nih.=="
Dunno la.
Let's take an example ya.

Friend: Wei, g cafe kul 11 ek.=)
Me: Ok..
Friend: Laa, bru nk gsok bju? (bliau dah siap, kikiki)
Me: Kjap ar, x lari cafe dikejar. (haha)

That's me, always late.
Whatever it is, my new resolution for this year is to be at time.
And also appreciate time.

i think that's what is in my mind for today.
If i flash it back, this is quite funny.
This thing sometimes makes me smiling alone.

It is okay to be late or slow. I guess je ni.
But, of course, people will be tensed up with you. Hehee
Maybe i would have to coordinate my own habit. 
And maybe if i am late i would say:


So, that's it.
People are different, don't be afraid if you are a lot more different than others.
If you are weird, then we are one in a million lar. Susah nk cari tu!
Ok la, that is- for today. Part and parcel of life they said!
I said this is a circuit of life. On it, you'l alive, off it. Alive we not.


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