Friday, January 14, 2011


Hye all=)

Adobe. I only know little about adobe photoshop. 
In different case, i've yet to learn how to use adobe illustrator. 
I've been getting myself used with adobe photoshop since last year if i'm not mistaken. Hmm
Just to fill in my leisure time. Rather than sit back and relax, it's not a waste of time getting myself into the ADOBE world. Adobe has finally gotten into me. 
As for adobe illustrator, i only know how to use the warp tool. This one is really best to the power of 4, i tell u. haah! Best sbab boleh warp muka org untill that person doesnt look like him anymore. Waah! Syiokk kn?
But, once i've warp people's face, i'l quickly delete it. Yela, klau org yg kena warp 2 nmpak, naya la saya.

I've try to look for some guides or tutorial to adobe illustrator, but how disappointed i am! 
There are some tutorials, but not friendly user lor. Maybe i have to explore it myself.
Exploring would be fun actually. Especially when you have nothing to do.
Instead of plucking the itchy-hair (rambut gatal~ada ke x term ni xtau) on the head, why dont we seek for something interesting to do!
At least, we'l gain something new and may apply it in our studies kot.

Perhaps, adobe illustrator for professional users kot. 
it's okay. Slow2 try people said.
Barang siapa berusaha, pasti berjaya. My life motto, forever and ever!
With endeavour, we succeed=)

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