Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bosan itu lumrah!


Well, nothing much to say friends. 
Just a simple word-i'm seriously bored and i feel that i'm lost in my own world.
Study is a must for exam is just 2 weeks to come.
You see, you'll definitely feel your nervous systems are somewhat hectic.
Your heart keeps on beating fast. 
Your brain keeps on functioning. Of course it needs rest.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. You have folders to complete. 
And the time is somewhat insufficient. Am i right? d-oh'
Sometimes, i keep questioning myself-why do i've to suffer like this?
Yo! What's happen-ning" ~blurr (@_@)
Have you ever heard of this word-->
"Pengorbanan itu adalah mahar kita ke syurga" **blink2**
Yes, dear. Remember-do everything for the sake of Allah's blessing. 
Semuanya aku lakukan hanya kerana Allah. 
Allah, Allah, Allah. 
MengingatiMu buatku sedar-lalainya daku.
How ungrateful am i. Not using the time given to me usefully.
Time flew so fast, i couldn't remember of how much i've wasted your presence.
Laziness is a test. Tiresome is a challenge. Sleepy is the consequence.
Hateful comes, making its nest in my chest.
Ooh, dear me. Wake up!!~

::we always heard this, but we never applied it- Demi Masa::
epilog bernada syahdu.
<to remind the one who have always been so forgetful-ME>

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Pergh. Lama nya tak menjengah ke blog yang daku chenta-I nih. Uhuhuhu.
Rasa macam dah bersawang je kan. 
Maklum la, busy exam punya pasal. No time to update lor.
Teringat pulak kat my favourite quote sejak akhir-akhir ni-No time to lose. 
Pernah dengar? Of course la from my favourite cartoon kan-Toy Story. Ahaxx.
Sebenarnya kami baru je habis cuti. 
Supposed to be 3 days je, then somehow cuti extend to a week gamaknya. Lama tuu. Best crazy. Hahaha
Cuti yang agak seronok sebab:::::::

 ni dia-Nurul Natasya Balqis. 

 tido aje kejenya. baby kan. ee, geram. 

 tido la adik.. nanti atuk beli kan kereta baby ye. ^^,