Friday, July 19, 2013

T__T tsk

Aku rindu kat arwah ayah.
T___T tsk.
Aku rindu nak dengar suara ayah.
Aku rindu masakan ayah.
Bila aku tengok kain pelikat ayah dengan kopiah nya.
Rindu aku membuak-buak.
Teringat-ingat aku last ayah hantar aku balik terengganu.
Aku dapat rasa lambaian ayah tu lain macam. Senyum pun lain dari yang selalu.
Rupanya tu last aku dapat tengok ayah. 
Ayah cium dahi aku kuat sangat. 
Rupanya tu last aku dapat ciuman seorang ayah.
Aku sentiasa doakan ayah kat sana.

Ayah, ika akan selalu doakan ayah. Takkan lupakan ayah sampai bila-bila.
Dah 2 tahun, tapi macam baru semalam ayah pergi.
Tuhan bantu lah aku memahami erti redha.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

So close yet so far away..

i thought, i'm so close to the end line of the island
but, yet, i'm actually so far away from it.

i thought i'm a happy smiley with the rabbit teeth, 
but, yet, i know i'm not the happy smiley.

of all the happy faces,
i'm the sad hiding face.

But, one thing i learn about life is.. When you want to reflect yourself, don't look at those above you. Yet, see those below you. Inspiring words i came across so many times. =')

I may think that i'm the unluckiest person to encounter what i refer to as disappointment, but when i look at those who have encountered more challenging life, i have to take back the word. Me, looking at the blue sky and my heart says 'ALHAMDULILLAH'. Praise be to Allah.

Today, our lecturer asked us to write down our practicum result. T__T The very uneasy feeling was to see that i'm the lowest. Ok. Others are above the B grade. Me, the only one getting the scariest grade B-. T__T
I know you know how it feels, right? It was just okay all this while, but when we see the list... Huwaaaa, it really rips my heart. Maybe the grade really shows my efforts during the previous practicum thing. For this time around, i hope i can make improvement on the area that i'm lacking of. Yeah. Not a promise, but i'll give my very best. InsyaAllah. 

One thing for sure, everyone has been worrying about their supervisor lecturers. The reason is because they decide our grade. Hmm. To be frank, i'm not very worried about what the lecturer will give me, but my concern goes most to my performance during this second practicum.

Can i do it well? Can i handle the class?

So, for now, i'll just keep praying and put on more efforts so that i won't get the B- grade again. I'm at a total disappointment at first, but i have to keep in mind that whatever happens, there must be rainbow reasons behind it. I'm so close to the A grade, yet i'm actually so far away from it. =(

I have to keep on smiling and be ready to accept anything that follows. ^___^

 Maybe we can start following this 3 simple rules?