Tuesday, January 18, 2011

cross country.

Hye all!

Just to share my experience of today.
Cross country. Just a rehearsal, but we have to join it. Compulsory some more. Ish.
Long way you know. My friend said the route was about 7km. Waa. I can lost about few kg ni.

  this is only a picture. jgn terpedaya.

Along the way, quite a lot of najis lembu.
So, we run like geez. kena elak2 from stepping on the najis2.
We passed through the cemetery site. Kubur org Islam.
But i forgot to pray for the dead. Selalu baca al fatihah dan bagi salam.
But, i forgot that adab today. Ish3, bad of me.
lain kali jgn buat lagi.
The real cross country will be on this thursday. Cant wait to finish this off.
Im not hoping to win, just to let my body and soul enjoy the environment. 
let the brain interact with the Earth. let the legs not feel like being forced. they want to walk too. Ngee

cross country for health!

BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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