Wednesday, January 5, 2011

it's a new start!

It's already 2011. The most awaited year.
That's nature. 
You enter one new year, after a half month, you want a new year back.
Why? Simply because of changes beneath us.
A small changes around us, especially the environment caused us to feel so.
A fight with friends caused us to feel like ending up that particular year extremely soon.
It's the feeling of getting up early in the morning of a new year. No more stressing out year.
Huh, how i sighed that i have actually undergo this situation. Hee he.

Dear friends who read this blog, if you know me, 
then, this blog is all about me. This is a story of me. 
It's a promise that i won't say bad things about my friends here.
So, let's count my blog as a very clean blog. Hehe.


What are the new things revolve around me this year?
Yep. It's a heart voice saying out loud to me that i am a new PKU of my class this year!
What is PKU.? PKU stands for Penolong Ketua Unit.
Just like an assistant monitor. Helping the monitor to handle the class.
At first, it was like a flea jump off my head.
But don't get me wrong. I don't have fleas on my head k. Haha
At first, i felt like i really can't do this man! But,
a motivation came out from nowhere said-let give it a try!
Come on, this is time for me to be more responsible.
Probably it's time to learn one of the ways to be a leader.
A teacher, a leader.
Hopefully, i can do my duty well.

What worried me the most?
There is a lot of things actually.
The things i presumed, i visualized as a ton of salmon alive from Sungai Nil.
They collide against each other, trying to escape.
Asking if they have safely arrived at Sungai Pahang.
Huhu. What a deep thought.

An end for today's entry would be-let's strive for the best.
Degree program, they said a busy year. I believe in that.
We can play, but maybe reduce it a bit.
Vigorous to one third active.
I pray to Allah that this year will be a glorious year for all of us.
And may good health always on our side.
Good health, good journey.
Till then! A happy new year if i'm still not late=)

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