Saturday, January 22, 2011

get urself motivated!

Sometimes, we feel down. Sometimes we feel hurt.
Sometimes, we feel sad. Sometimes, we feel disappointed too.
Mixture of feelings suppress our soul, caused us to feel horrible.
Sometimes, we don't even feel like give it a try. Give up is one of our choices, isn't it?
My apology if i say this incorrectly. i wrote based on what i have seen. Hmm
So, to get rid of all this dis-motivational and alien feelings, maybe we could try to say something motivational to ourselves. Try to motivate ourselves! This is the best way i think=)

we are motivated!





 setuju jugak=)

 it's a hard time if we don't understand ourself~

 a baby step=)

  keep jogging! insyaAllah, klau x kurus pn, badan sihat!

Nukilan di malam yg hening.

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