Monday, January 10, 2011

-It's Normal to be Sensitive-

Yep. I am 100% agree with the title of today's entry. Nobody can escape from being sensitive.
I myself have to admit that to some limit, i can't even control myself from entering the sensitive world.
Some people just didn't realize that they have actually unintentionally make someone to be upset.
Just by using gesture, words or writings, we can cause someone to feel bad.
Please, don't worry if you are being too sensitive. It's just the fact that different people have different personality. Who wants to be a hot tempered person? Who wants to be a silencer? And just who wants to be extraordinarily
hyperactive? No one has ever opted for being what they are today. 

My sister, who is 2 years my junior is the one that can be said as a sensitive female group.
Ish. It's quite hard to give her advices. Or is she stubborn actually, not sensitive? Dunno also. Hehe.
I'm not trying to umpat her. Haha. Just to give example lor. Well, the best example is actually to look at the person next to you or closest to you. Or maybe we are the best example to show to others. Huu
She is so sensitive when we criticize her right away, face to face. Then , she will like defending herself when nobody defends her. Haha. Sometimes, to show her modest protest, she'll just go inside the room and stay calm. Waah. Padahal dlm hati membara ingin berdebat. Huhu
It's okay. I am a bit like my sister. As the saying goes, ke mana tumpah kuah klau tidak ke sudu kan? Eh, sudu pulak. Nasi la. Hehe
We are just the same. Adik beradik kn? hehe

I also read an article entitled Being Sensitive in an Insensitive World.
Part of it was:
>>Highly sensitive babies are more peaceful when alone. Certain people terrify them; toy mobiles upset them, rocking irritates them, and changes in weather make them restless. They may be colicky, and their digestive systems may not tolerate food that is too hot or too cold. If the needs of the baby are ignored the child becomes insecure.
Sensitive babies are also very creative and aware. They may walk early or smile a lot. As infants and toddlers they may experience sensory overload from the newness of things. When old enough, they spend time alone to regain their balance and energy. 
Read more here:

Even babies can become sensitive. Perhaps, those who are too sensitive are the product of their childhood experience i think =p. Hehe

How to deal with those who are sensitive? Here there are: (found in the web)
Develop a bond.
Become an attentive listener. 
Offer feedback  
Avoid being insensitive. 
Encourage her. 
Set a goal.
Imagine it.  -Let her imagine being in someone else's shoes. 
Changing the outlook.
Talk about strengths.  

So, just to say that it's okay to be sensitive. 
But, have to mind it. People might get annoyed if you are too sensitive.
Enjoy our life!  SMILE=)  

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