Saturday, January 15, 2011

Creative imaginations i say!

Warmest greeting bloggers!

Human beings are all created with their own specialty. Some people are very good at knitting.
Turning a ball of knit into such a cute decoration. Such are babies cloth, decoration for cars and house and even a mat in our room. That's what we called special ability. Some people are extraordinarily good at cooking. 
In a day, they might get more than 3 new menus that can be tasted and indirectly established themselves.
Others might also good at other skills such as inventing new products and also arts skills. Producing handicrafts which will then be sold throughout the country. That's what the tourists are looking for.
Something different that their own country doesn't have. 

So, below are some of the creative imaginations turned into the real one!
Cari2 kat internet je=)

cute right? candies on top of the cupcake. 
~sy mmang minat cupcakes^^, tapi x prnah jmpa yg mcm ni =( ~ 

see? ada knit ball on top of it.
bleh bagi dkat sape2 yg minat kait mengait  ni.

Yg ni x bleh tahan! Flowers design. 
Suka3 (@_@) Sy mmg kipas susah mati (die hard fan) bunga!

ok, cupcakes hamburger yop. 
dah x yah puasa burger kn? 
x dpt burger, hamburger miniature in resemblance of cupcakes  pn jadi la.

happy cupcakes family=)
chubby2 keluarga cupcakes ni.

Finish with cupcakes. Now let's see pen drive pulak.
Comel2 seh.

 nyum3. mmbuka pintu selera makan kn? 
nsib baik sy x mnat sushi. tp sgt menarik waa cakap....

 ping pong pulak. 
bleh bg as a gift kat kwn2 yg mnat amat tersangat main ping pong.

 pen drive ber-shape slipper toiLET.
comel jugak. ala2 key chain gitu.
chop! pen drive ke flash drive? ntah, dunno.

and also pen drive in the shape of a plane.
very motivational. let's give it to those who wish to be a pilot.

lastly! suka yg ni jugak.
ms form 5 ada nmpak pen drive ni. Dlm surat khbar la ye.
exclusive right? price? waah, lagi2 la exclusive!

That's it. We can actually turn our imaginations into reality! Really~
From a very small one to a very huge one. Huh. I just have the interest, do it?
No, no, no. X jadi punya. Xtau la jadi apa kn. 
Do what you want, be happy with what you have!



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