Thursday, November 4, 2010

-Today's childhood vs 90's childhood-

Today's post, simply 2 tell you about the cartoon series that i presumed as evergreen.
They will never fade in my memory unless if God fated me to be in the Alzheimer world. Nauzubillah!
Let me list you some of the cartoons which i found 2 be so interesting yet intriguing:
  • Usop Sontorian- still remember this? Hey, it's my father's name,"Usop". Father became famous already!
  • Sang Wira-hehe, as far as i remember, sang wira looks like doraemon. Is it? Mm, dunno. Haa
  • Yokies-yup, it was a cartoon of egg family=) Very sweet. The father wears spectacles. They aren't chubby, just because they are eggs. So, we take them as chubby. He hee
  • What else? Yes, Anak-anak Sidek-a cartoon on siblings with most of them playing badminton. The characters are all existed. So, it was a cartoon made based on the real life!
  • There are still lots more that I could only tell the one that i remembered the most.
Would you like 2 see the pictures of these cartoon series? Below are some of them :-


 -The characters. And how sad, i forgot their names-

 -Again, the characters. A good friendship value is shown in this cartoon series-

-A child, i supposed would love this very much-


-The only picture that i could find- =="


-This is the yokies. When else can i watch this?- 

Well, that's all. Just 2 share with you my childhood time=)
Hope this cartoon series will be on air again!  

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