Saturday, November 6, 2010

Berhenti sebentar bersama Kit Kat

-Ini bukan iklan Kit Kat ya-

Im not eating Kit Kat and no Kit Kat is harmed during this period. Haa!
Yet, no Kit Kat in my room aka in my food stock. Only biskut lemak or biskut cap ping pong
and an alone packet of maggie they called Bihun Berperisa Tom Yam cap Pama. Hee

Di saat ini........ ya di saat ini.
hamba bru saje hbis menelaah pljrn. 
Pheww~ My brain-frozen..!

 Eh, what is the point of my writing today?
Ala, nk tulis2 je. Pnat r study. Huu
I want to send message to my buddy, but my phone? Out of credit. ISH.
Want to see my phone? It's some kind of NOBODY-PREFER-2-BUY.
But still, i love it. 
Here it is:

-Motorola l6. Black. So, it is a MAN-

And he is wooing a girl down there:

 -Eh, cute nyer awk. Nk berkenalan? Phone ku merendek-

 Rupa2nya phoneku playboy. He is wooing the girls down there 2:

-Ooh, bnyk pilihan rupanya. Nk no phone? Ngee-

-My phone is a man- 

-That's why i love it. Ha haa- 


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