Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dress up ur browser

Make your browser looks even cool. 
Dress it with variety of personas, free of charge.

Some might say-"ala, gurl asik nk hias2 je keje"
Well, hrusla kan? 
That is part of ways to fill in the stomata of our leisure time. 
You'll be in the heart of children to see so many design of personas. 
Me? I opt for nature categories. Huhu~

 -See? They even put the personas hanger on. Ha haa.-

-Many right? On the left is the categories. I choose for either nature or scenery. 
I repeat, either nature or scenery. Say cheese!-

 -I agree: Your firefox, Your style. One of the pictures there, I didn't mean anything. Haa-

 -So, what will your browser wear today? Asked the firefox-

 -This is Mr Firefox-

Me: Eh, musang haram ke?
My friend: x la, bleh pgang.
Me: Yeke. Ingatkn mcm anjing. Hehe.
My friend: tapi skrg dah xde sgt. 
Me: pupus dah. (monologue)

-weaR la PerSonas-

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