Wednesday, November 3, 2010

And i started 2 love it!

-To Kill a Mockingbird-

Seriously, i started 2 love this novel.. The 1st time i heard about it-"eesh, i hate novel"
It was not until the exam approaching that i started 2 keep reading this very novel, and hah! That's it..
This is definitely a must read novel! i just love the way that the sibling, Jem and Scout interact and face life together
with their beloved father, Atticus. The way they communicate-HOW CUTE^^,..
And have u read it? Below are some of the novel's front cover.

~ This is the one that we bought, cost about RM 25~

~ The girl, i supposed is Scout. Yeah, she's Scout~

~ And this is another cover page of the novel~

~ Another cover page. The bird there, i think so, the mockingbird. One of my classmates bought this one~


 ~Does this 2 have any similarities in contact? The theme maybe. Or the bird? Beside the novel is not a novel, it's a poem~

Finish with the cover page. Different country, different cover page i think. 
But still, the writer is the same person-Harper Lee,,

This semester, novel was the syllabus. Last sem? It was something on drama-Macbeth.
William Shakespeare made this drama existed in the world of literature~ 
Thank God i understand it a bit. Not as a whole, but still can lorr. 

Scout? I love this character. So, so, sweet! Yeah, she's sweet.
Who else u could find in the novel's pages?

 ~Atticus, Dill, Jem n Scout~ =)

Hopefully, the process of answering this literature paper would be fine. 
Just 2 share, the paper consists of poem section, short stories sect., drama and lastly the novel.
Both drama and novel carries 25 marks each. Wuu~ What a marks!

So, this week, my aja2 fighting (that's what people says) is 2 concentrate on novel n drama, as well as other literature components~ Yeah =)

Won't u say good luck 2 me? Yup, Good Luck!!

 ~Let's make reading a culture! Enjoy reading~

:: Currently reading To Kill a Mockingbird ::
:: Off i go ::

Atticus-"'s a sin to kill a mockingbird" 
"Mockingbirds don't do one thing but make music for us to enjoy.."-Miss Maudie

-The Mockingbird-



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