Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Do take care of urself!

On 26th of Oct., I received a message from a friend. It was a message of reminder.
Thanks to her=) And i would like to share it with you. More or less, it does important.
So here it is:

"Plz pas 2 all ur contacts. 2day a boy died in Chennai. Bcoz of attending a cal while his cel
was at charge. Dat time he had sudden vibration 2 his heart & fingers were burnt. So pls dnt attnd calls while charging ur cel. Pls pas dis 2 al whom u care. I care 4 u. 1 USEFUL MSG IS BETTER DAN MANY 4WARD MSGS."

That was the message. Not to answer calls when charging mobile phones.
I did this thing quite often. So, receiving this message-remind me to beware of things around me.

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