Saturday, November 6, 2010

2 much 2 digest.. =="

-Jgn terpedaya. Buku yg ku bc bkn sekecil ini. Ha ha-

Huh~ I just think that this is too much 2 read. Yet, the time is approaching me in 3 days.
Urgh! Hopefully, i can cover everything in sem 1 before tomorrow says hello. 
My eyes? They said they want 2 rest. Just rest. But i'l make them sleep later. Huhu
And my stomach is growling. Anybody to serve me tea? He hee. I forgot. My maid went back
2 her hometown. Hahax! Just kidding.
Err. Scrupulously, this is a day of boredom.

Sape ada hilang span bsuh pggan? 
-Ada dpan bilik kami. Hehehe- 

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