Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2 MoRe 2 go!!!

Yes! Another 2 more 2 go!!!!
Today? It was simply on essay,,,

1st-120 words goes 4 the summary writing
2nd-200 words 4 the guided writing.. 
And i obey this 2..
The 3rd? Huh~
500 words-n i dont think i obey this 1,, i think i wrote more than that~hihihi
Supposed 2 be 60 mins,,
1 hour right? But i found the time isn't sufficient 4 me.
==",, oH! NasiB Baik SmpaT siap!

i cant keep myself thinking of the outcome,,,,,,,,,,,, 
              iT's a feeling of ? HoPing i'l pass this exam

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