Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another day just passed

Hye and yippieee~
 Ok, another day just passed. 
Diam x diam, dah 3 papers diselesaikan. Dgn kata lain, dikerjakan.
Today, my lucky number is 15. My seat i mean. Just like the MOCK exam.
The same tmpat duduk. Kiri kanan org2 yg sma. Org2? Bkn. Kwn2.

Today, exam started punctually at 2.30, says goodbye at 5.30.
Then,members of the club pun pergi kluar bli sdikit kuih muih.
My kuih costs 2rm. I intended to buy more, but imagining
the kuih2 will end up in the dustbin near our comfort station (TNdAs),
i erased that chalky thought. Dipadam.
Jadi, kite beli pisang goreng dgn coKODOK je. Ngee

Ok, let's move to the most SENYUM KAMBING part of the story.
Today's paper-LITERATURE. Haa, kau. 
1st question, poem. Title-Pigeon Woman.
Pastu soklan tu tnya la kita2 ni, who is the persona.
Pastu aku jawab yg tajuk dia 2. Pigeon Woman. Haha.
Ntah apa2 je aku ni. Laalaa.

So, just to highlight using Faber-Castell highlight, today was owl-some.Haa
We went to cafe, we ate together and we told each other stories.
We walked to the hall together and i left my pencil case in the hostel.
With this, i walked alone back to the hostel. Huu.
Kata2 no sweat tidak lagi boleh diguna pkai. Jln pnya laju, mmg la kite berpeluh, hish.
Dan mood kite seakan pudar sbb peluh yg mncairkn mekap kite. Haa? Tidak la. Ha haa.

So, all of us are waiting patiently & some are waiting vigirously
for Mr Tomorrow. Why mister?
Because the narrator here is a girl ok. 

-Sekian dahulu. Ekspidisi mncari air diteruskan-
-Air diumumkan tiada ok-

LoTs Of KuNaB's (kucen) LoVe!  


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