Monday, June 18, 2012

What's for dinner?

What's for dinner? Dinner?
Noodles for dinner? Dinner?
What's for dinner? Dinner?
Rice for dinner? Dinner?
Hey, what's for dinner? Dinner?
Chicken for dinner? Dinner?
No, no!
Only red bean bun for dinner, dinner!

p/s: Ok, reka sendiri, macam budak-budak pulak dah rasa. ==",
seriously, tahap lapar critical. Tapi kena ingat, lapar-lapar pun, saudara kat syria, palestin, afrika, dan yang sewaktu dengannya lagi lapar. I have to be strong, patience, for allowance would be in just another few more weeks. Sounds very soon right? But, i don't think so. Might be early of July, or might be in the middle of July. Who knows?

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