Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Assalamualaikum friends =)

Well, this semester onwards, we're going to face a hectic life. As a student of course.
We are going to have coursework as early as the 3rd week of this beginning semester. Can you imagine that? Think like me, sigh like me. ==", 

What else do we have? Oh, yeah! Camping!! U-la-la-la. I do really love camping. Well, let's see. When was the last time i went for camping? Oh, it was during the 1st semester, the so called BIG programmed. So, looks like i'm going to dream about camping stuff tonight. Let's dream together! Yay, yay! I really hope there's going to be jungle trekking. And favourite friends of us-PACAT. What is it in English? erm. 

Let's not talk about exam too early. We are not an exam oriented students. Though it is the fact. ==?
Any more that i forgot to list out here? Yeah, yeah. Still a lot more. But, i prefer not to tell, just to keep.

no, no, no. this is not me.
this is too hectic. eee. 

p/s : just a piece of reminder--> whatever that we do, do it at our best! Be it studying, join any programs, doing a business. anything! go all out to gain the product. if we plant a mango seed, make sure it turns to be a mango tree, producing sweet, healthy mangoes fruit=) That's it! Sweet dreams ^^,

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