Tuesday, January 10, 2012


ALLERGY. suatu penyakit yang tak semua orang hidapi. sesiapa yang menghidap allergy, memang tahu lah keperitannya. eh, ter-over pulak.

sebagai seorang penghidap allergy, saya mengaku, memang agak terseksa juga lah. alahan kepada seafood. lemah semangat akak~ seafood memang unavoidable. you will meet them beautifully and deliciously served as top menus during kenduri or even when you visit someone's house. masa ni, allergic tak allergic, sebat je. Yang penting kenikmatan itu perlu dirasai. huuuweuu~ nyamiii

When your allergy becomes extremely worse, your body suffered the consequences. As such, for those who are an ANTI-PEANUT one, maybe or definitely, parts of your body will swell, and you just hate it. Or maybe, as i watched a Hindi movie WE ARE FAMILY, the daughter almost died for eating biscuit or the like, with peanut as one of the ingredients. So, kena lah berhati-hati.

My allergy is actually at the peak of its combat. It is currently attacking my right palm and it just painful that i cannot do my daily routine. Tak boleh basuh baju. Tak boleh menggenggam - genggam. Tak boleh bersalam-salam. Salam tu sikit-sikit boleh la. Apa-apa pun, in a month or two, or perhaps much longer, this allergy will recover. Really pray to Allah for this small test. Ini lah akibat tidak berpantang dalam pemakanan. Nafsu makan terlebih-lebih. ==""

And if you search through the internet, allergy means a hypersensitive disorder of the immune system. Hyper ok. Have ever seen a child who is hyperactive in action? Yes, allergy can be viewed a child who is a hyperactive one. Stop only if he or she focuses on something attracting him or her. Allergy just won't stop if we don't stop some of the actions that can make allergy gets worsen. this statement is for me of course ....

till then

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♥♀Misz Ezatty♀♥~ said...

get well soon :)

pemerhatiSejati said...

thanks ticer zati =)) insyaAllah!

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