Thursday, October 13, 2011

let's put a WHY to the following questionnaire...

and a very pleasant day to all ^^, *let me see if you are smiling....

Today's post -WHY-

1st WHY
WHY do we always ignored our goals in life? For example. It's nearing 2011, and everyone is ready for their new resolutions. Reflecting back what we have done in 2010. Some said-'my new resolutions for 2011 are to be punctual, to avoid doing 11th hour works, to not breaking a promise and 'not to fall in love with different, different people?'. Some might also said-'as for my new resolutions......... i think i just wanna touch up the previous resolutions. Well, most of them haven't been done, you see..". So, why is it that we tend to ignore the resolutions or goals that we have made when we said we want to make it happen? Why, why and why. i definitely point this raising issue towards myself. Why do i always forget what i have set for the new year? People say-New year, new resolutions. However, as a Muslim, we have our own reflection. We called it as muhasabah or an easy word- Self Reflection. It's an everyday task. Reflecting what we have done the whole day. That way, we can recognize our own mistakes and might as well improved them. So, again i'm questioning myself (WHY??). i have actually put a few resolutions for this 2011 grinning year. 

1. to study early. 
and did i say study early? yep. 
but seems like i have to figure it out why i could not make it happen.

2. to be punctual.
on time if you are to say it out loud. 
i have to admit it. amidst of all not-so-busy day. 
and there's a sense of 'people hate to wait for you'.
"katak pun dah tunggu depan kelas", i? still walking, and... walking.

 3. that's enough of revealing my resolutions. thanks.

2nd WHY
WHY do we always have problems? you see, no one in this world is perfect. A lecturer has once said "orang-orang yang dekat tepi jalan yang tak tahu apa-apa je yang takde masalah". So, what about us? Just keep holding to this one special reminder from Allah "Allah tidak akan membebani hambaNya sesuai dengan kesanggupannya". We just need to have a strong faith. We live to solve the problems, right? A problem solver if you agree with me. So, just befriend with a "PATIENCE" and along the way, both of you will become BFF, best friend forever. Surely, long way out, there will a big reward for you! Being a friend to a little PATIENCE will surely of no regrets at all. That's WHY we should not always WHY all the WHYs. Because there are reasons for everything. i---> strongly believe in that. 

3rd WHY
Unfortunately, i would only share 2 WHYs.. ^^, Well, there are few more WHYs to go, but i prefer not to type it out. 
let us all start being positive !

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