Thursday, January 9, 2014

So i heard it's 2014 already... Phew..!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t!

We've reached 10 days of 2014 so very quickly right? Since it is 2014 already, i would want to proudly say that we're in the final year of our bachelor in teaching! Finally! The moment has come!!!

but still, another 2 semesters ahead. 3 months of practicum, together with Action Research package.. Start collecting data, prepare an action research proposal. And in the next semester, all we need to do is only the write up or the report of our research. Yeah.

What i'm afraid of is that, we're going to do a research about listening and speaking only. All, the 57 of us are going to do the same skill. Just imagine, the skill that is among the difficult one to be taught to the pupils.. i have to admit that i do try to skip teaching listening and speaking as much as i can. Coward teacher? i guess i'm not because all in my head was that, i'm afraid teaching them wrongly. And by right, i'm testing them listening and speaking, and normally pupils don't really participate. Especially when it comes to speaking skill. Shy, not enough confident and all. That's what i used to be when i was about their age. A cycle i suppose?

My hope for this final year is to do my best, and keep on trying even though i have faced hard times to experience A for my practicum. B- and B+ is a sign that i should not stop being hardworking, but keep on believing that everything's gonna be alright. Do you know one Japanese quote? It says, fall seven times, stand up eight! Deep right? In my case, fall two times, stand up three! I'm referring to my practicum, people. B does not mean we fail, but we are not excellent as those who gets A. I just need to put extra effort and start becoming like the A people. Phew~ It's just............ very hard beybi,,,,,,

I'm going to end this post by saying that, i'm going to create beautiful memories for this final year. This final year! All the struggle we made for the 4 and a half years back, we did it guys! Another one year left. it's a battle!! And we do hope for a bright future out there, insyaAllah as an English teacher, somewhere about next year. Do pray for our interview, posting and teaching placement okay??? InsyaAllah, keep on trusting the One and Only, Allah Azza Wa Jalla. =)

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