Saturday, January 11, 2014

And i'm here, she's there... A daughter talk.

Assalamualaikum people!

So it's evening and there's something whispering through my ears, asking me to write about my mom. You call your mom, 'mama', 'ibu', 'umi', 'mami' and etc., etc,. I call my mom, mak....

I'm here, she's there. Me in kuala terengganu and mak in raub, pahang. Been there before? Do visit my mom yeah. She's selling some kuih, laksa, and all right in front of our house. She makes curry puff or 'karipap' where the villagers in kg ulu gali and other customers referred to as 'karipap giant' and 'karipap besar'. Memang besar. And if i dont have much desire to eat, i just eat those karipap as a replacement. Kenyang ooo. And i have always miss my mom delicious, yummy, superb and all compliments goes most to the karipap (berlagok ler pulekkk)... i have only this year and next year to experience becoming full time daughter at home. Sedihnya. InsyaAllah, rezeki awal, next year will be posted to somewhere in malaysia... Doesn't matter where, because i want to earn my own money, and gives the best i could to mom and adik-adik. The best thing is, i will have the chance to treat my mak, adik-adik using my own money since they were still schooling............ Wait adik-adik..... I will treat y'olls.

I do hope i can repay all good things mom has given to me. O Allah, give me the chance.

Reviewing mom's daily lives... i desperately need mom to sit still and just relax. Looking deep into her eyes... Aish, tears mau meleleh ni dari mata aku ni... My mom needs extra hours to replace her short sleep. She needs extra hours to get her body relax. She needs extra help........... I wanna help, but it happens only when i came back,,,, holidays i mean. Tak boleh fikir macam mana mak kat rumah sekarang ye? siapa mesin kelapa, siapa masak nasi, siapa kemas rumah? Adik-adik entered hostel already.

One thing i realised,,, mak is getting old. And still, she cares about each one of us.

I hope i can pay back every single thing mak has sincerely gave me. Walaupun aku sedar most of them is invaluable,,, Sobs.... I wanna be a good daughter! That's all.

Make her strong, bless her, Ya Allah. =) I love mak and ayah forever.............

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