Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A morning reflection

Assalamualaikum and a very good day people ^__^

I'm currently doing my revision for this evening exam. I need a break, so my brain gives me an order to write a post in this blog. Well, as i browsed the internet this very morning, i typed in there 'Abdullah Zaki' to search if the person, as we called him Ustaz Abdullah Zaki, has a blog. I really need a blog or a piece of writing that can remind me of the akhirat. Yes, there are a lot, but couldn't stick to any of them. I keep losing the URL. and i really hope Ustaz Ki would have one, but none. =_=". sighing. ok.

As i was searching for the informative blog, i stumbled upon this one very inspiring blog. And i read, i read, and read. Surprisingly, wow! A friend from the next class. Wuhuu. So very lucky. A very good point of view, and yet, he has got a very good language too. Well, we both taking the same course, English. That really inspired me. Especially in terms of the writing.

As i read his blog, i got this quick reflection : We are reaching the age of maturity. SO, write something beneficial, worth the age we are now. I'm slowly thinking, we are no longer YOUNG, no longer at comfort ZONE. DEATH could reach at any time, anywhere. It is not always about happy and fun times. It is about the deeds we do for the benefits in the REAL world.

This world, is only TEMPORARY. let's learn from those who have met Him, The Most Gracious Lord.

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