Thursday, August 30, 2012


Assalamualaikum w.b.t and a very good day fellows!

Do read the title,,,, it is an entry about WISHLIST. 

Everyone, I'm totally sure, have their own wishlist, right?
 If you really love to snap photos, click-click here and there, then I suppose you would wanted to own a CAMERA. So, your 1st wishlist would be,,, to have or to own a CAMERA. 

Then also, if you are too fanatic with fishing thing, then you would be keeping a dream to have the best fishing rod, the tools you need for fishing. Right, right?

I personally feels that it would be very happy of that person if he or she could own what they really wanted. You know what the best MAKE-UP you can wear on? Yup, just simply a SMILE. ^_____________^
If you get what you want, I'm definitely sure you would be smiling wide.

As for me,,, yeah. I do have many wishlist that I really wanted to have. I may not get them now, but I'm sure, if we work for it, we will gain the product. Plus, I am very, very trust with what have been written for me by Allah. Man jadda, wa jadda "those who works hard for something, he will surely succeed".

Praying for the dreams to come true, insyaAllah ;-)

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