Monday, February 21, 2011


Assalamualaikum w.b.t!

This is just too good to be true. Yes, it is.
Remember the BMK project's i mentioned in the previous post?
Finally, all of us have already clear with the explanation given by En Mansor.
He said= "Nak tanya apa, tanya sekarang. Nanti jangan datang jumpa sy tnya lagi." 
So, all of us took the chance la kan. Q&A session quite long. 
We asked just any part we don't understand. 
The good thing is, we know the length of words we should write. 
Kalau x, sy sendiri ingat kena buat 12 pages panjangnya.
Hee~ Makk x sanggup!!
 So, if the length is within 1500-2000 words, the pages would be of about 3 to 4 only lor.
Baguih, baguih. Senang la kerja kiter2 nih.


date due is changed directly proportional to the x-axis. haa
Dan background lagu nasyid indon Alhamdulillah pun terngiang2 di halwa telinga. 
Know when we will submit the project? Hehe, 3rd of March la.
Pandai kiter2 ni adjust supaya dpt tarikh keramat ni.
Mula2 kena submit 21hb, tapi sebab attend BIG, extend ke 24hb.
Then, somehow, we got this tarikh of 3rd March. Memang la syiokk kan?

eden memang hepi. eden hepi la nak kobar ke dema2 sume.

lastly, i would like to wish kiter2 sume happy finishing all the assignments!! 

 semoga kiter2 dapat siapkan semua assignments=) sayang kiter2 semua!

 jom sapu assignments semua. mwuahahaha!! 
gunakan penyapu yg berkualiti. wink2*


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